Mathematics Help

Here are some books that will help you with your mathematics skills from the Navy Education Training series of books titled Mathematics (NAVEDTRA).  All files are pdf format.

Mathematics, Basic Math and Algebra - NAVEDTRA 14139

 Topics Include

Page Number systems and sets
Positive integers
Signed numbers
Common fractions
Percentage and measurement
Exponents and radicals
Logarithms and the slide rule
Fundamentals of algebra
Factoring polynomials
Linear equations in one variable
Linear equations in two variables
Ratio, proportion, and variation
Dependence, functions, and formulas
Complex numbers
Quadratic equations in one variable
Plane figures
Geometric constructions and solid figures
Numerical trigonometry

Mathematics, Trigonometry - NAVEDTRA 14140

Topics include:

Computations with Logarithms
Trigonometric Measurements
Oblique Triangles
Trigonometric Identites and Equations
Vectors and Forces

Mathematics, Pre-Calculus and Introduction to Probability - NAVEDTRA 14141

Topics Include

Straight Lines
Conic Sections
Tangents, Normals, and Slopes of Curves
Limits and Differentition
Integration Formulas
Combinations and Permutations

Mathematics, Introduction to Statistics, Number Systems and Boolean Algebra - NAVEDTRA 14142

Topics include

Sequence and series
Mathematical induction and the binomial theorem
Descriptive statistics
Statistical inference
Number systems
Sets and subsets
Boolean algebra
Boolean simplification
Matrices and determinants